2nd Quarter 2012: www.onproblemsolving.com “on-hold” until further notice.

2012-2013 CPA web site ROI development opportunity.

Welcome to my Home/FAQ page that continues to evolve in 1st - 3rd Quarter 2012. My LinkedIn and Facebook content remain a work-in-progress – just like me.

FAQ – http://www.onproblemsolving.com/faq/       Text and Visuals background

The core purpose of  www.onproblemsolving.com is to act as a “Demo” web site catalyst for  anyone interested in exploring their own social media “story.” I can help. 

My www.onproblemsolving.com social media web site also hosts text and and visuals. Text for linear thinkers like Dave Barnhart (www.businessbloggingpros.com) - given linear thinkers are usually the majority in ANY group. Visuals for non-linear thinkers like me.

Why should you care? Because if you have a Team of both types of thinkers then you may have a potential communications challenge…or a potential communications opportunity:

  • Non-linear thinkers: Ideas – options – “What do you THINK?!?”
  • Linear thinkers:        Outlines – results – “How will it WORK?!?”

I chose Dave Barnhart for his business and social media expertise and because he IS a linear thinker. The majority my web site visitors will be as well. Heads-up for we minority of non-linear thinkers as visuals may help in presenting new ideas to linear thinker compatriots.

Finally, my blogs are specifically developed to guide you to a “Demo” web site of your own. 

Thanks for visiting!