OPS “Blogs” December Launch – Case Study #4 – Nov 2011

A Prospect’s Critical Question: “What’s in it for me (WIIFM)?

Business Not a Book Focus


What if Authentic Voices Productions worked with a business instead of a book? See Case Study #1.

Why should you care? Look closely at the Intent – Content – Issues text in this visual. My December OPS blogs explore it in detail.

Not interested: “May the force be with you.”



AVP OPS Publishing Resources

This Arizona Book Publishing Association (ABPA) visual reflects a community of passionate publishing professionals. Why should you care?

It is a tremendous amount of author effort to create a web site, post interviews, draft a book and sell your products. If it looks a little overwhelming – it should. Printed or e-book – it still comes down to essential quality commitments…when sharing your story.