AVP Published Author – Case Study #1 – Oct 2011


I am in the process of developing a social media strategy via SmartDraw business visuals for this new web site. My initial attempt at an Authentic Voices Productions’ (AVP) income strategy was undone by those business visuals. The visuals challenged my preconceived notions.

As a member of the Arizona Book Publishing Association (ABPA), their professional recommendations guided my 2011 efforts: promote your first book – write your second book – promote another author’s book – leverage your social media technology. During the past decade (AVP) has developed:

#1.  A Women Who RV and Their Kindred Spirits web site/CD/podcast/book
#2.  A Noble Art of the Printed Book (NAOPB working title) research effort
#3.  An opportunity to market a book whose title I-now-dare-not-name
#4.  A social media marketing plan leveraging SmartDraw visuals and
#5.  A respect for AVP’s visuals blunt message – “NO, you’re not…”

3 Book Social Media Strategy

I explored multiple AVP book-related income opportunities via SmartDraw business visuals. It proved to be a painful journey.

Three concerns surfaced:          RV Resort owner interest and accessibility
RV seasonal winter and summer calendar impact
A Valley author’s book sudden lack-of-availability

A visuals reality check: Will RV Resort owners prioritize and pay for the customized book promo ideas being pursued?  Will I continue to develop the promo ideas financially – hence the realization “No, you’re not…”

AVP SmartDraw PowerPoint slide show: AVP Results Study Jpegs loads in a few seconds. It documents visually my commitment to re-channel AVP efforts into more mutually productive problem solving results. 2012 – 2014…CPA Site Solutions web site projects confirm that re-channeling potential.