Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ will be developed via pending Case Study participants’ feedback currently in-process during 1st quarter. Some early questions (see visual below):

  • What page should I look at first if I am in a hurry: You are looking at it. Scroll down to the SmartDraw links below. Spend 15 minutes – it’s worth it.
  • What if I then come back to your web site: Check-out my Case Study page. Imagine future ideas presented to you visually.
  • Why should I participate in an OPS Case Study: If you are dealing with a current business problem or opportunity – I can “visualize” that for you.
  • What does “visualize” actually mean – for me: This web site is a balanced mix of text and visuals for your benefit. If you don’t see a benefit – then a Case Study may NOT be for you.
  • What if I am a linear thinker: While in the majority – you MAY be missing key information critical to resolving problems.
  • What if I am a non-linear thinker: While in the minority – you may have a challenge getting new ideas across to linear thinkers.
  • What if I have a mix of linear and non-linear thinkers on my Staff: If you want them to function as Team thinkers you can produce better results in less time – visually.
  • Why did you choose linear thinker Dave Barnhart for your non-linear thinker social media direction: Dave is as focused successfully on social media as anyone I have ever met.
  • What is he doing for you that you cannot do for yourself:  He will identify Keywords  that will then link to my OPS web site via google SEO for those in search of new business solutions.
  • What if I am still reading at this point: Check-out my Case Study page seven steps overview and contact me after you read the following Caveat. If you are still interested.

Anyone can use a Word processor, but not everyone is a writer. Anyone can use a Visual processor, but not everyone is a planner. Nevertheless, you can level the playing field for your business Team.

Visual processing offers everyone a fair shot at being heard. Visuals encourage a Team to better appreciate each other’s ideas. Linear and non-linear thinking Team members can communicate in new and more productive ways. Imagine what Visual processing could do for your client and prospect communication…?


SmartDraw web site Blogs and Tutorials (5 minutes average) – FYI only:  “heads-up” with real world usage