“Demo” Web Site Training

Welcome – here are a few thoughts for your consideration – if you’re visiting this page first. Be sure and review Blog #6 2012 to better appreciate the following.

The “Demo” Web Site Pages story with some ideas for you to consider – click on Pages url Links:

  1. Home/FAQ: Business Passion
  2. About: Personal “Hooks”
  3. Expertise: Client Perspective
  4. Blog: Social Media Ideas

My OPS web site “Loaner” offer is where you start…but how will that WORK? Here is how we will work:

  • Populate the above pages with your content – a brief amount for each page initially
  • Identify the pages’ impact on you as-we-go – just like a story’s script development
  • Print the web pages as a storyboard – how does it look  to you – to Staff – to clients
  • Work your “Demo” web site confidently – test drive your social media ideas
  • Your web site url hosted on my OPS web site is accessible only if you provide the url

Linear thinkers benefit: “Hands-on” experience is your ticket to repeating the process. Non-linear thinkers benefit: “Hands-on” experience is your ticket to refining the presentation. Why should you care?

The bulk of the above pages content is STATIC. The latest blog posts only are LIVE. We can build the static content via your existing business material. We can develop live blog content based on your story.

Then move the content to your site – or not. Either way – it’s your social media return-on-investment (ROI).

"What's in it for me - WIIFM?"