Education – Case Study #2

Text Source (partial)

 This Case Study/SmartDraw business visuals originated with a two page Word document.

Resources Overview

Staff Feedback – The templates are easy to read and can be revised:
• Easy to follow the thinking process of the issue “visualized”
• Issues are broken down into “chunks” of information
• Website “hyper-links” to each box on a template would be great
• Charts process can be used for resources justification
• Resources Overview clearly shows where all the staff coverage takes place
• Clearly depicts the “chain of command” for all personnel

Quarterly Training

• Charts can easily be used for training employees
• Flowchart can be used as an employee skills accountability timeline
• Charts can be used by employees to refresh their job responsibilities

By Employee

• Employee Mind Map template above outlines the tasks to be completed in a concise manner
• Website “hyper-links” to each box on a template to a new template would be great

By Employee

• Employee Project Chart automatically generated from the Mind Map template above
• Employee Project Chart is made to track and view who has reviewed required materials