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August 21, 2012 Blogging Update: Our initial social media “voice” web site is functional at a start-up level and will now undergo significant client customization.

We chose an industry specific web professional support Staff with 20+ years of expertise. Authentic Voices Productions’ “…to give voice” passion will kick-in during 4th Quarter with my client’s “Story.”

Our three member Team reflects a linear/non-linear/text/visual/web-based commitment to success.

We’re also discussing the launch of a client blog – drawing on my OPS blogging experience. That blog will serve as the catalyst for developing industry specific genuine knowledge insights initially for long term customers.   

Finally, Blog # 17 needs to be updated late 3rd Qtr to reflect: AVP 3rd Production 2012 Industry Specific Social Media Client Tools

Our 3rd/4th Quarter Goal: Enhance Staff and client productivity every step of the way going into 2013!


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July 27, 2012 Blogging Update: June and July were totally devoted to a new Authentic Voices Productions (AVP) social media “voice” client. Our original talk was in late December, 2011.

We have a tiger-by-the-tail now!

A June prospect’s “No” to one idea broadened that idea to a much larger social media opportunity. On Problem Solving (OPS) blogging will resume in August and will track that transition.

Targeted May “network” contacts benefitted from OPS “demo” pages via a url link NOT accessible by the Menu Bar.


 A key support priority: Automatic Web Site/Tablet/Smartphone support integration.






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April 14, 1912 11:40 PM Titanic strikes an iceberg. This blog is dedicated to voices lost that night…

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                Linear and non-linear view of the OPS “Demo” Web Site opportunity…



 “How will it WORK!?!”

Step-by-step process: Credibility






 “What do you THINK!?!”

 New ideas presented: Possibility






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OPS Blogs = NO readers = NO comments = NO Problem…1st Qtr

I’ll be exploring interested social media “network” contacts via the web and face-to-face 2nd Qtr.

So I’ve joined Wheatmark Publisher’s Author Academy. I attended Grael Norton’s “No Blog is an Island” webinar. Grael took a non-linear visual approach. Attendees meet via the web next week.

Our topic: Google Keywords.

Because next up is my OPS web site Keywords/Technorati Tags/Trackbacks/SEO “wrap-up” with Dave Barnhart.  ( Why should you care?

Well defined Google keywords and “voice” attract well defined social media communities. Check-out my Technorati Tags below. They may not be well defined but they are a start.

2nd Quarter will be focused on implementing multiple On Problem Solving Projects while building professional and social media relationships. It is time to leverage my Linkedin and Facebook People You May Know – “PYMK.”

And it is now time to be heard…OPS can no longer remain a silent social media voice.

Finally, some timely SmartDraw helpful tax visuals:

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 Social Media “Story” Pilot demo steps via mobile SmartPhone (click on visuals):
  1. Leverage OPS “Demo” Web Site and Blog for your social media “Story” – short term
  2. Generate your Linkedin-Connections/Facebook-Friends – via PYMK*
  3. Develop your Social Media “Story” – tied to your Blog/Linkedin/Facebook
  4. Document your “Story” through text and visual options – demo via mobile SmartPhone
  5. Critique/revise ALL of above via your Linear/Non-Linear Team thinkers “feedback”
  6. Share your “Social Media Story” with select friends/clients for their “feedback” – revise
  7. COMMIT: Publish your OPS-like “Story” – OR – move to your social media web-site

* People You May Know

Social Media "Story" FLow















Look at Step #5 more closely: It could serve as a “bridge” to their technical savvy…


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Blog # 13 documented the “tip” of my six month OPS “Demo” web site base foundation. February: My new social media SmartPhone. March will focus on marketing and technology:

  • Facebook – pending OPS Page Timeline conversion – heightened business emphasis
  • Convio – SmartPhone real world social media – cloud-based non-profit vendor
  • Leadership Role 1) “Demo” web site  2) Linear/Non-Linear Team  3) Text/Visual media
  • Non-Profit “Pilot” – emulate basic SmartPhone local “story” access – 2nd quarter

February 29th: Convio non-profit vendor before going mobile webinar thoughts…

Mobile Access


A paradigm shift in thinking – it took awhile to see the phone



Mobile Format



Think small – smart – social for those who can afford a phone.



Social Media



The potential of Team thinkers and their technical savvy.






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* Web-site based storytelling is NOT your current business web site
* Giving “voice” to your business offers added insight and passion
* Look to your Linkedin/Facebook “network” contacts for their stories

Mobile Story

* Web-based storytelling offers access to social media devices 
* Kindle Fire e-book reader/tablet insures full Internet access
* e-book reader tablets/SmartPhones future – why should you care
* Click on cover image – imagine your mobile “story” presented



Mobile Access


* Four Questions to Ask Before Going Mobile webinar Feb 29th
* Convio non-profit vendor host offers experienced insights
* 800+ webinar attendees will receive slides/audio/pdf
* Share business-based social media impact –


Don’t worry about being a late adopter. Remember: You can always tell the pioneers, they’re the ones with the arrows in their back. By the way – the above format would NOT work well on a SmartPhone…uh-oh.


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  “…obsessive focus on YOU violates my inherent privacy preference…” 
But it does tweak my professional curiosity to explore your social media Story.
Facebook Help Center web site provides extensive support. An article about securing “…your Facebook Profile in a post-Timeline world” was also suggested by a friend.
Why should you care?
Facebook demands a KEY pre-requisite: A personal Profile is essential for any company-product-organization Page. The difference: Who are YOU (Profile) versus Who is your COMPANY (Page).
I am intrigued – as a non-linear – with the text and visuals story power of your company Page. 
  “Some record barely there facts while others provide extensive insights.”  
Some Linkedin professional minimal facts may suggest a more compelling personal Facebook story.
My Linkedin’s Summary (Results quote particularly) – Experience (Business Visual Storyteller) and Education (Lifelong Learning) reflect who I am. Everything else reflects who I was. 
Why should you care?
Linkedin ensures a KEY pre-requisite: YOUR presence is essential credibilty for those who may prefer linear text. Your Facebook presence is essential interest  for those who may prefer non-linear visuals.
Living routinely now in a Facebook/Linkedin world – social media options are key as is your web site. Will my “network” contacts reflect non-linear (Facebook) or linear (Linkedin) preferences? Will you? 
Web-site based storytelling allows you to explore and share your social media story…economically.

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 A famous Broadway saying: “If it ain’t on the page – it ain’t on the stage!”

"Demo" Web Site


January blogs “demo” the power of a social media web “voice.”



   February blogs will add the power of a Linkedin and Facebook “voice.”  


Kindle Fire


1st Qtr blogs will explore the power of “mobile access” training. 



Samsung Galaxy


 1st Qtr blogs will explore the power of “mobile access” sharing. 




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