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 Here’s the Blog #3 revised skinny for my OPS web site “demo” offer:
  1. Linear text/non-linear “visual processor” web page design flexibility 
  2. December Kindle Fire OPS prospect “demos” highlight WiFi limitations
  3. Kindle Fire WiFi dependency an OPS “demo Showstopper” – No WiFi – NO “demo”
  4. OPS “demos” via large screen smartphone/video/audio podcast – No WiFi – NO problem!
  5. How would YOU test my On Problem Solving web site “demo” offer?
Suggestion: Blog #4’s “visual” timeframe of four months to build and populate with content my OPS web site could become a matter of days or weeks to build YOUR “demo” site. Why should you care?
  • OPS web site can experiment with your social media direction
  • Good ideas benefit from close scrutiny – as do bad ideas
  • Staff – clients – prospects can provide valuable “feedback” 
  • Viable ideas transfer to your site via “hands-on” experience
  • Web site access via smartphone “demos” to clients – prospects
  • OPS “demo” site morphs into your social media web site –  just like an hourglass… 
Movie “scenes” capture the Director’s intended text (script) and visuals (images). Everything in the scene is there in support of the story. This OPS web site honors that storytelling legacy. Why should you care? See “Demo” Web Site page on Menu Bar for your social media “story” start.

Marine Corporal Michael Downey

Wreaths Across America –
I dedicate this final 2011 blog to Marine Lance Corporal Michael A. Downey – November 19, 2004 
Giving “voice” to those who can no longer speak for themselves…more on Michael in January. 

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A recent OPS prospecting office call identified some interesting challenges:

  • My Kindle Fire was mute given lack of access via WiFi password (been there done that!)
  • Didn’t think to suggest prospect OPS web site access via their cel phone (duh…)
  • Switched seats and did the OPS web site “Loaner demo” from her Desktop
  • Discussed at length real world linear/non-linear thinkers and text/visual implications
  • Her linear perspective and my non-linear experience led to some humorous exchanges
  • Better prepared for my late December prospect call at the Paradise Cafe WiFi site  
  • Taking my Kindle Fire on holiday to spend quality time with a really neat resource 

OPS Web SIte "Loaner"

My OPS offering of movie/author/publisher/business experience will be tested shortly by one of these good folks. Otherwise known as: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
Dave and I recently discussed our mutual role in repeating the nine steps above within my OPS web site for an interested prospect. Seems like every time I have an idea Dave’s “Been there done that!” Cool…
Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays – Happy Hanukkah to all and a special “Welcome Home” to Linda 2.0!

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OPS tagline: “Giving voice to one business at a time…visually.”

OPS "Storyboard"


The OPS “Storyboard” is a snapshot used to monitor the look of the web site. No detail text or visuals – just a feel for the left-to-right-flow of the pages design. Click on the visuals.

A calculated series of linear text “lists” is balanced by a series of non-linear “visuals” approach. Minimize the reader’s time and maximize the reader’s value…a great movie making guideline.

OPS Step One

This OPS web site was designed with a creative tension in-mind. Dave and I often traded protagonist and antagonist “roles” as the site developed. But our commitment to mutual success never wavered.
These four Steps log a brief overview in lists and visuals for a linear and non-linear combined view. Why should you care?

OPS Step Two

Every successful Project is usually a mix of both perspectives. Team members can routinely appreciate and leverage mutual skills and experience given a common communication reference.
A quick aside: Dave did not like this circular view when offered as a visual for something he was working on for his business. But I liked it and found a use for it with blog #3. No visual is ever wasted – just waiting its turn.

OPS Step Three

Take some time now and review the four Steps approach and timeline – particularly Step four’s opportunity below.

OPS Step Four

Here’s the “skinny” for my web site offer to OPS prospects:

  1. Major movie buff and author and publisher expertise (see blog #4)
  2. Linear text and non-linear visual web page design flexibility
  3. Unique “visual processor” and Word processor resources
  4. Kindle Fire tablet availability to “demo” your Case Study idea
  5. Checkout Case Study Page – Seven Step process – contact me
  6. Question: How would you leverage my OPS offer?
  7. Oh – don’t forget to ask me about the hourglass…


A final thought: Our Case Study #5 prospect meeting in late December will be built around the Kindle Fire tablet “demo.” The Kindle prompted the opportunity to meet initially.

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This blog is dedicated to Merrit Cameron Helm – S1C  – USN – USS Arizona/USS Minnesota (died Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941).

This OPS social media web site is being developed from the heart of a major movie buff and the head of a social media author and publisher. Why should you care?

Blogs will clarify OPS web site text benefits – especially for you majority of linear thinkers. Blog #3 will demonstrate web site visuals benefits – especially for you minority of non-linear thinkers.

A brief “role” that each OPS web page plays:

  • The Banner visual suggests the feeling of planning and control – that hand could be yours
  • The Tagline raises a question: “What does THAT mean!?!” – Case Study page will answer
  • Home/FAQ recaps a core premise – linear and non-linear communications challenges
  • About questions pre-conceived notions regardless of social media “answers”
  • Case Study hosts social media “visuals” – the focus of the next blog – it’s that important
  • Blog documents the on-going evolution of my OPS “voice” – both in text and in visuals
  • SmartDraw visuals introduce the benefit of a Visual processor versus a Word processor
  • Kindle Fire tablet offers leverage for the potential of expanding your business “story”

My LinkedIn Profile speaks to the power of a Team’s Es·prit de Corps – hence the Home/FAQ focus on teamwork. 

Tension in any well written movie requires a protagonist and an antagonist. Linear and non-linear thinkers often assume one “role” or the other. A movie story’s success is often a challenge that gets resolved jointly.

If those “roles” describe a mix of your Staff and clients, visuals may offer everyone some welcome clarity.

A question asked of a current Case Study #5 prospect: “Would you be interested in using the OPS web site and the Kindle Fire to explore text, visuals and tablet ideas you’ve been thinking about?”

I would too…so I’ll be meeting with the prospect at their request later this month.

In honor of the 70th Anniversary of Pearl of Harbor: “The Fighting Sullivan Brothers”

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I dedicate this first blog to Anne Bancroft:

Her riveting portrayal of Helen Keller’s teacher Annie Sullivan in “The Miracle Worker” was the catalyst for my life long passion “…to give voice.” That’s a long time to stay focused on one commitment.

Why should you care? Because this social media text and business visuals web site is committed to:

“Giving Voice to One Business At A Time…Visually.” That could include your business.

The OPS Banner was designed for linear thinkers given their critical need for details and planning.

The Home (FAQ) Page and visuals offer insight to potential Team communication challenges.

The About Page introduces Dave Barnhart’s critical social media question.

The Case Study page hosts real world text and visuals uses – click on images to enlarge and return.

  • Case Study #1 2011 painful catalyst for creation of my
  • Case Study #2 Clarify reality of OPS text and visuals approach via Team member feedback
  • Case Study #3 Email content conversion to text and visuals with artist feedback
  • Case Study #4 2011 OPS blogs via text and visuals and descending “narrative” sequence
  • Case Study #5 2012 prospects for Case Study situation – problem – solution opportunity

The Case Study Seven Steps outline and two visuals support linear and non-linear thinker needs.

I am a major movie buff and have a new Kindle Fire – an early Holiday gift – that will broaden my OPS social media impact. With movies at your fingertips(!) – web access in a heartbeat – “demos” at a minimal device investment for broad use in any environment – what’s not to like?

My Achilles heel: I like to talk in movie dialog occasionally to make a point. Many linear and non-linear thinkers face a consistent communications challenge. This OPS web site plans to exploit that challenge-as-an-opportunity with you. What could you look at first…?

Annie Sullivan: [after a breakthrough with Helen Keller] “Now all I have to teach you is one word – everything.”

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