OPS “Business Visuals” Case Study Project #1 – 5

How your Case Study Opportunity Works:

Step 1: I contact someone I know who will benefit from a Study.

Step 2: You and I mutually agree to a Case Study deadline.

Step 3: We communicate via the web and the phone.

Step 4: You define a problem in outline form or in 200-300 words.

Step 5: I generate SmartDraw business visuals so you can “see” the problem.

Step 6: You share the visuals with your Team for mutually beneficial feedback.

Step 7: You decide whether I post your Case Study to my web site.


Case Study Mind Map

Case Study Project Chart (Dates Sample Only)


Project – Case Study #1 – http://www.onproblemsolving.com/noyourenot/

Project – Case Study #2 – http://www.onproblemsolving.com/corporate/

Project – Case Study #3 – http://www.onproblemsolving.com/art-school/

Project – Case Study #4 – http://www.onproblemsolving.com/website-launch/  

Project – Case Study #5 –  http://www.onproblemsolving.com/prospect/