Art School Student “Visuals” Feedback – Case Study #3

Overall, this process has helped me see this complex issue I am dealing with in a different light. It has stripped away the emotion and doubt and confusion and shown me that it is as simple as any other problem. It has a cause, it has effects, and it requires certain action to be solved. The fear and pain have been removed. I have seen that there are specific things I need to do to get through this. Please review original visuals text source for OPS comments – (

Crazy Hard Art Class


The chart titled “Crazy Hard Art Class” was not my favorite. I think it is because of the scale maybe? Meaning although there is a vertical hierarchy, the scale of the boxes and text might be what’s bothering me. I’m not exactly sure why this one doesn’t work for me. To be honest, when I first saw this, I didn’t see how it could help me. It wasn’t until I saw this whole web page and all of the other paragraphs visualized that the light switched on and I understood.

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Art School


The circular titled “Art School” I also didn’t like. The colors didn’t help me organize mentally. I wanted more of a reason for the contents to be overlapping. Plus, with my addiction to lists, it is harder for me to look at this one and start to outline a plan of action.

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Re-Ignite Design Passion

The chart titled “Re-Ignite Design Passion,” was my favorite. It has a clear hierarchy and scale difference and is easier for me to pick out the bits of information I want. It is clear what the overall issue is, then the 6 things I need to address regarding the issue, and then from there, if I want to focus on one of those things, I can read the details of how I should address it.

4th Qtr Passion Plan


Next was “4th Qtr Passion Plan” which was a bit overwhelming for me. I can see how this chart would be very efficient for any project that has different components and deadlines. But I think that for what I am dealing with, it is a bit too rigid and numerical. That may be adding to the initial resistance I felt in taking the time to read it and make sense of it.
Note: The 4th Qtr Passion Plan Project Chart was automatically generated by the Re-Ignite Design Passion visual.

1st Semester 2012

The last chart titled “1st Semester 2012” I also did not like. It reminds me of the colorful circular one. I find it hard to envision a plan of action or to see in it a beginning and end or chain of events.
Thank you so much for “visualizing” my journey to success. What I am going through right now is a challenge and I do feel a little bit more sane.