Art School Visuals and Original Email Text Source

OPS Note:  This web page contains the artist’s original email edited text to “demo” the transition from words to visuals. The OPS comments next to the individual visuals are a brief response to the student artist’s “feedback.” ( 


(Last paragraph only of original email/Crazy Hard Art Class visual) Originally in paragraph format:

* I would still like to help you with your project

* A bit confused about what you actually want, specifically – questions you’d like me to answer

* “Case-study” is a bit intimidating to me

* An in-depth, long-term analysis of my work

* That makes me nervous ha ha…

(Recommened artist review the Case Study page for text/visual suggestions – those guidelines were followed for the text below.)


Crazy Hard Art Class



OPS Comment: A key visual strength is the option of seeing the bigger picture than words alone can convey.




 (1st Paragraph/Art School visual) Originally in paragraph format:

* Whatever it takes to finish Art School – not sure I want to 

* Am I talented enough to make a successful career

* Graphic design commitment to effect positive change

* Have I lost my passion for design because

* I resent Art School high-brow, elbow-rubbing, cut-throat, look-at-me personality student attitude 

* I need to make peace with all of these issues to

* Make the most of the positive things Art School does have to offer me


Art School


OPS Comment: This visual is much more effective when seen one point  at at a time – i.e. – in a presentation. The idea is to process the points above without having to start to outline a plan of action – just yet.




(2nd Paragraph/Re-Ignite Design Passion visual) Originally in paragraph format:

* I need to re-ignite my passion by finding design that I admire

* Expand my mind, knowledge, vocabulary, and remember my favorite hobbies

* Explore via writing my challenges, organize my goals and hurdles, clear head of  thoughts – emotions

* Start drawing and painting again – remember art is supposed to be fun – I have always loved doing it

* Leave Art School to get out of my rut, become stronger on my own and to make myself

* Appreciate my home (as well as make some money and spend time with the family) 


Re-Ignite Design Passion

OPS Comment:  The artist did not like this Mind Map visual initially as it did not readily provide a plan of action outline – nor was it meant to do so. The idea is to process the thoughts above without having to start to outline a plan of action – just yet.




4th Qtr Passion Plan

OPS Comment: This 4th Qtr Passion Plan Project Chart simply broke up the sample 4 month dates. A key with this visual is to begin seeing the tasks in an orderly list and to begin to think about a budget.
Note: The 4th Qtr Passion Plan Project Chart was automatically generated by the Re-Ignite Design Passion visual above.
(3rd Paragraph/1st Semester 2012 visualOriginal text as words alone can be very powerful
I’m not sure if my issues with the crazy hard art class and the art school are related to the issues that are addressed in their 5 Year Plan. I started watching their video and read briefly about their plan and the things I read and heard were nothing new. They are the same goals that have already been there and the same ones that were sold to me when I was new to the school. I can’t say that they haven’t upheld their commitment, but I think the things they are focusing on are different than the things that affected me so deeply.

1st Semester 2012

OPS Comment: This visual is much more effective when seen one point  at at a time – i.e. – in a presentation. The idea is to explore the wealth of emotions captured above. “What affected me so deeply?”
A final thought:  These visuals provided my student artist friend some fresh perspective…to begin to outline a plan of action now.