Dave Barnhart, my social media expert (www.businessbloggingpros.com), recommended Marion Sandra Orem as part of my professional web site identity. Dave’s opening inquiry: “If social media is the answer Marion, what was your question?”

My response: “Can my www.onproblemsolving.com web site reach out visually to ensure a Project Team talks TO each other and not AT each other particularly when reviewing a “Demo” web site or resolving a client challenge or exploring a prospect opportunity?”

Problem Solved: Pending case studies will document multiple SmartDraw business visuals solutions for the never ending challenge: “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

Who: My name is Marion Sandra Orem and I am a visual storyteller with Authentic Voices Productions (AVP). My passion is “…to give voice.”  My Achilles heel: I tend to talk in movie dialog occasionally to make a point.

What: AVP has given voice to one-person-at-at-a-time over the past five years. AVP is now going to give voice to one-business-at-a-time-visually over the next five years.

Welcome to my www.onproblemsolving.com web site. It will initially host case studies using SmartDraw business visuals problem solving power. This web site’s social media direction is a work-in-progress…just like me. Thanks for visiting!