AVP Social Media Industry Client “Voice” Blog # 28


August 21, 2012 Blogging Update: Our initial social media “voice” web site is functional at a start-up level and will now undergo significant client customization.

We chose an industry specific web professional support Staff with 20+ years of expertise. Authentic Voices Productions’ “…to give voice” passion will kick-in during 4th Quarter with my client’s “Story.”

Our three member Team reflects a linear/non-linear/text/visual/web-based commitment to success.

We’re also discussing the launch of a client blog – drawing on my OPS blogging experience. That blog will serve as the catalyst for developing industry specific genuine knowledge insights initially for long term customers.   

Finally, Blog # 17 needs to be updated late 3rd Qtr to reflect: AVP 3rd Production 2012 Industry Specific Social Media Client Tools

Our 3rd/4th Quarter Goal: Enhance Staff and client productivity every step of the way going into 2013!


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