OPS Social Media Audience “Voice” Blog # 16


OPS Blogs = NO readers = NO comments = NO Problem…1st Qtr

I’ll be exploring interested social media “network” contacts via the web and face-to-face 2nd Qtr.

So I’ve joined Wheatmark Publisher’s Author Academy. I attended Grael Norton’s “No Blog is an Island” webinar. Grael took a non-linear visual approach. Attendees meet via the web next week.

Our topic: Google Keywords.

Because next up is my OPS web site Keywords/Technorati Tags/Trackbacks/SEO “wrap-up” with Dave Barnhart.  ( Why should you care?

Well defined Google keywords and “voice” attract well defined social media communities. Check-out my Technorati Tags below. They may not be well defined but they are a start.

2nd Quarter will be focused on implementing multiple On Problem Solving Projects while building professional and social media relationships. It is time to leverage my Linkedin and Facebook People You May Know – “PYMK.”

And it is now time to be heard…OPS can no longer remain a silent social media voice.

Finally, some timely SmartDraw helpful tax visuals:

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