Your “Social Media Story” 2nd Qtr Blog # 15

 Social Media “Story” Pilot demo steps via mobile SmartPhone (click on visuals):
  1. Leverage OPS “Demo” Web Site and Blog for your social media “Story” – short term
  2. Generate your Linkedin-Connections/Facebook-Friends – via PYMK*
  3. Develop your Social Media “Story” – tied to your Blog/Linkedin/Facebook
  4. Document your “Story” through text and visual options – demo via mobile SmartPhone
  5. Critique/revise ALL of above via your Linear/Non-Linear Team thinkers “feedback”
  6. Share your “Social Media Story” with select friends/clients for their “feedback” – revise
  7. COMMIT: Publish your OPS-like “Story” – OR – move to your social media web-site

* People You May Know

Social Media "Story" FLow















Look at Step #5 more closely: It could serve as a “bridge” to their technical savvy…


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