OPS “Leadership Role” Refined Blog # 14


Blog # 13 documented the “tip” of my six month OPS “Demo” web site base foundation. February: My new social media SmartPhone. March will focus on marketing and technology:

  • Facebook – pending OPS Page Timeline conversion – heightened business emphasis
  • Convio – SmartPhone real world social media – cloud-based non-profit vendor
  • Leadership Role 1) “Demo” web site  2) Linear/Non-Linear Team  3) Text/Visual media
  • Non-Profit “Pilot” – emulate basic SmartPhone local “story” access – 2nd quarter

February 29th: Convio non-profit vendor before going mobile webinar thoughts…

Mobile Access


A paradigm shift in thinking – it took awhile to see the phone



Mobile Format



Think small – smart – social for those who can afford a phone.



Social Media



The potential of Team thinkers and their technical savvy.






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