Social Media Story Beyond Today Blog # 13



* Web-site based storytelling is NOT your current business web site
* Giving “voice” to your business offers added insight and passion
* Look to your Linkedin/Facebook “network” contacts for their stories

Mobile Story

* Web-based storytelling offers access to social media devices 
* Kindle Fire e-book reader/tablet insures full Internet access
* e-book reader tablets/SmartPhones future – why should you care
* Click on cover image – imagine your mobile “story” presented



Mobile Access


* Four Questions to Ask Before Going Mobile webinar Feb 29th
* Convio non-profit vendor host offers experienced insights
* 800+ webinar attendees will receive slides/audio/pdf
* Share business-based social media impact – www.convio.com


Don’t worry about being a late adopter. Remember: You can always tell the pioneers, they’re the ones with the arrows in their back. By the way – the above format would NOT work well on a SmartPhone…uh-oh.


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