Professional or Personal Story Preference Blog # 12

  “…obsessive focus on YOU violates my inherent privacy preference…” 
But it does tweak my professional curiosity to explore your social media Story.
Facebook Help Center web site provides extensive support. An article about securing “…your Facebook Profile in a post-Timeline world” was also suggested by a friend.
Why should you care?
Facebook demands a KEY pre-requisite: A personal Profile is essential for any company-product-organization Page. The difference: Who are YOU (Profile) versus Who is your COMPANY (Page).
I am intrigued – as a non-linear – with the text and visuals story power of your company Page. 
  “Some record barely there facts while others provide extensive insights.”  
Some Linkedin professional minimal facts may suggest a more compelling personal Facebook story.
My Linkedin’s Summary (Results quote particularly) – Experience (Business Visual Storyteller) and Education (Lifelong Learning) reflect who I am. Everything else reflects who I was. 
Why should you care?
Linkedin ensures a KEY pre-requisite: YOUR presence is essential credibilty for those who may prefer linear text. Your Facebook presence is essential interest  for those who may prefer non-linear visuals.
Living routinely now in a Facebook/Linkedin world – social media options are key as is your web site. Will my “network” contacts reflect non-linear (Facebook) or linear (Linkedin) preferences? Will you? 
Web-site based storytelling allows you to explore and share your social media story…economically.

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