March 2012 OPS 1st Qtr “Silent Movie” Blog # 17


Authentic Voices Productions (AVP) Social Media Publishing Experience.

Women Who RV 1st Production 2008/2010 Web Site/Book/Podcast/CD/e-Book                       OPS 2nd Production 2011/2012 Web Site/Case Study/Blog/Tablet/SmartPhone/Training

  1. OPS Blogs = NO readers = NO comments = NO Problem…1st Qtr 
  2. Demo Web Site: Blogs #1 – #9 focus – “How will it WORK?” for linear thinkers majority
  3. Case Study #1/#4 focus – “What do you THINK?” for non-linear thinkers minority

On Problem Solving “Demo” Web Site Credits

  • Story: Social Media “Voice” development
  • Web Pages/Blogs Social Media Silent Movie Storyboards and Script
  • Story Arc: Demo web site/Team thinkers/text & visuals
  • CPA Site Solutions web host identified for Valley CPA client 2nd Qtr
  • Distribution Channels: web/blog/tablet/Smartphone/Team thinkers
  • Training Edition: Web print version in-development
  • OPS Production: Marion Sandra Orem
  • Social Media Direction: Business Blogging Pros

Fade-out…OPS will no longer be a social media silent “voice”

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