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My OPS web site is designed with text and and visuals specifically in-mind. It has text for linear thinkers like Dave Barnhart (www.businessbloggingpros.com) and visuals for non-linear thinkers like me.

Why should you care? Because linear thinkers are generally the majority in any given group. The minority of non-linear thinkers often represent new ideas that are challenged by the majority.

Non-linear thinker: Ideas – options – “What do you THINK?!?”

Linear thinker: Outlines – results – “How will it WORK?!?”

This OPS social media web site is developing along these following guidelines:

  1. “Demo” Web Site – a loaner site if you’d like to test some social media ideas
  2. Team Thinkers – an opportunity to see how your Team reacts to your ideas
  3. Text and Visuals – a challenge to linear and non-linear thinkers communications issues

Look more closely at the bullet points in Blog #8. What if you could take YOUR “Business Show” on the road? How would your “Demo” web site impact linear and non-linear thinker clients and prospects? Your Team’s initial web site reactions will provide you some genuine “heads-up” insights first.

So…where to begin – remember to also review the Case Study page Project Chart:

Case Study Start

2014 1st Quarter update: CPA Site Solutions/Valley CPA client web site Project completed June 2012 – December 2013.

2011/2012 On Problem Solving (OPS) Blogs #1 – #9 and #17 concepts were leveraged via Vermont Vendor CPA Site Solutions.



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