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Social Media Accessibility


What if I could take my “Business Show” on-the-road? I decided to test that idea with a trusted friend and associate. Our recent meeting prompted this follow-up synopsis for her:

•  2012 Menu Bar Home/FAQ – About – “Demo” Web Site – Case Study – Blog – social media host 
•  Laptop/Kindle Fire/Cel phone training support – WiFi independent via mobile hotspot
•  Desktop/Laptop client/prospect on-site training – “hands-on” breaks social media ice 
•  Menu Bar content flexibility a key to web site functionality – plan and train on-line
•  Case Study page – 7 Steps – leverages social media technology – economical starting point 

OPS January blogs are systematic in developing specifics – given linear thinkers’ how-will-it-work needs. The blogs are also flexible in developing options – given non-linear thinkers’ what-do-you-think passions.

O.K. – it’s time for a closer look at Team thinkers – text and visuals impact on your “Demo” site (Blog #9).

Finally, my trusted friend is also Michael Downey’s aunt (2011 Blog #5 dedication). Some of Michael’s favorite movies according to her: Boondock Saints BASEketball Ace Ventura Gladiator.

An insightful mix of a young man’s wicked wit and fierce determination…






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