“What’s in it for me (WIIFM)?” Blog #7 2012

A good question…here are some ideas for you to consider:

Your "Demo" Web Site WIIFM


Leverage material you currently offer.

Develop your relevant social media “story.”

Share “Demo” web content with others to critique.

Assess your content potential ROI economically.



Your content can be created initially with limited input from you. I’ll review current material and select some relevant items to focus on and briefly document via the OPS web site. Three possibilities for you  to consider – given the above visual:

  • You have a wealth of available material for me to draw on
  • I have an outsider “view” that will shed light on the material’s intent – content – issues 
  • Your “demo” web site can be created in a matter of days or weeks

We can develop an initially relevant social media “story” during this process.

Take a closer look at my OPS Menu Bar. Links maximize web site content via the flexibility of pages only accessible through the Menu Bar. My goal is a cool – classy – concise “intro” for those first time and repeat web site viewers. My goal for you is an easy-as-you-go method of developing your content.


WIIFM Your "Demo" Web Site


The Your “Demo” Web Site Story link shares a critical web site distinction: MOST web site data is static. Your “demo” site data will be as well. The latest Blog post is the only non-static data. Why should you care? Because it is your opportunity to personalize your social media “story.”

My OPS web site non-static blog posts have developed over time with a surprising ability to leverage static data pages. Surprising because as a web-based social media text and visual published author it has honed my commitment: “Giving voice to one business at a time…visually.”

Your “demo” web site can be created in a matter of days or weeks…economically.

Let’s connect at: marion@onproblemsolving.com after you preview “Demo” Web Site page on the Menubar.


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