Your “Demo” Web Site Story Blog #6 2012


Welcome – here are a few thoughts for your consideration – if you’re visiting this blog post first. Checkout “Demo” Web Site page.

“Demo” web site content structure guidelines – particularly for linear thinkers:

  1. Home/FAQ: Share your core business passion – see Case Study #2
  2. About: Provide clients and prospects some personal social media “hooks”
  3. Expertise: Who does business with you and WHY – from their perspective
  4. Blog: Draft your social media ideas for others to critique

“I let my work speak for itself…” may not be enough for your social media presence.

My OPS web site social media strategy…

  • Home/FAQ: Linear/non-linear thinkers core business impact – visualized
  • About: Professional support and first personal “hook” – Achilles Heel
  • Expertise: Case Study participant thoughts from their perspective
  • Blog: OPS 2011 story “voice” of web site start-up

My movie passion lets me share knowledge via film dialogue. My air force “brat” roots honor military life and death risks. My professional and publishing experience supports this developing OPS web site.

“Demo” web site content structure guidelines – particularly for non-linear thinkers:

OPS "Storyboard"

Pay close attention to the OPS web site text and visuals structure starting with the Banner. The “Storyboard” design above is deliberate. Keep it clean – crisp – visual and with a word count goal under 300 per page or blog. Above all – respect majority linear thinkers’ critical demand for outlines – results – how will it work – because that gets the WORK done! See Case Study #3.

Linear thinkers: OPS site developed logically. Your “demo” will develop logically. You can then repeat.

Non-linear thinkers: OPS site developed visually. Your “demo” will develop visually. You can then present.

Everything on your OPS “demo” web site will be there in support of your “story.” Why should you care?

Limited face-to-face contact is a social media reality.

Let’s connect at: marion@onproblemsolving.com after you preview Your “Demo” Web Site Story page.



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