Your OPS Web Site “Demo” Blog #5

 Here’s the Blog #3 revised skinny for my OPS web site “demo” offer:
  1. Linear text/non-linear “visual processor” web page design flexibility 
  2. December Kindle Fire OPS prospect “demos” highlight WiFi limitations
  3. Kindle Fire WiFi dependency an OPS “demo Showstopper” – No WiFi – NO “demo”
  4. OPS “demos” via large screen smartphone/video/audio podcast – No WiFi – NO problem!
  5. How would YOU test my On Problem Solving web site “demo” offer?
Suggestion: Blog #4’s “visual” timeframe of four months to build and populate with content my OPS web site could become a matter of days or weeks to build YOUR “demo” site. Why should you care?
  • OPS web site can experiment with your social media direction
  • Good ideas benefit from close scrutiny – as do bad ideas
  • Staff – clients – prospects can provide valuable “feedback” 
  • Viable ideas transfer to your site via “hands-on” experience
  • Web site access via smartphone “demos” to clients – prospects
  • OPS “demo” site morphs into your social media web site –  just like an hourglass… 
Movie “scenes” capture the Director’s intended text (script) and visuals (images). Everything in the scene is there in support of the story. This OPS web site honors that storytelling legacy. Why should you care? See “Demo” Web Site page on Menu Bar for your social media “story” start.

Marine Corporal Michael Downey

Wreaths Across America –
I dedicate this final 2011 blog to Marine Lance Corporal Michael A. Downey – November 19, 2004 
Giving “voice” to those who can no longer speak for themselves…more on Michael in January. 

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