On Problem Solving “Demo” Call Blog #4



A recent OPS prospecting office call identified some interesting challenges:

  • My Kindle Fire was mute given lack of access via WiFi password (been there done that!)
  • Didn’t think to suggest prospect OPS web site access via their cel phone (duh…)
  • Switched seats and did the OPS web site “Loaner demo” from her Desktop
  • Discussed at length real world linear/non-linear thinkers and text/visual implications
  • Her linear perspective and my non-linear experience led to some humorous exchanges
  • Better prepared for my late December prospect call at the Paradise Cafe WiFi site  
  • Taking my Kindle Fire on holiday to spend quality time with a really neat resource 

OPS Web SIte "Loaner"

My OPS offering of movie/author/publisher/business experience will be tested shortly by one of these good folks. Otherwise known as: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
Dave and I recently discussed our mutual role in repeating the nine steps above within my OPS web site for an interested prospect. Seems like every time I have an idea Dave’s “Been there done that!” Cool…
Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays – Happy Hanukkah to all and a special “Welcome Home” to Linda 2.0!

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