On Problem Solving “Demo” Site Offer Blog #3

OPS tagline: “Giving voice to one business at a time…visually.”

OPS "Storyboard"


The OPS “Storyboard” is a snapshot used to monitor the look of the web site. No detail text or visuals – just a feel for the left-to-right-flow of the pages design. Click on the visuals.

A calculated series of linear text “lists” is balanced by a series of non-linear “visuals” approach. Minimize the reader’s time and maximize the reader’s value…a great movie making guideline.

OPS Step One

This OPS web site was designed with a creative tension in-mind. Dave and I often traded protagonist and antagonist “roles” as the site developed. But our commitment to mutual success never wavered.
These four Steps log a brief overview in lists and visuals for a linear and non-linear combined view. Why should you care?

OPS Step Two

Every successful Project is usually a mix of both perspectives. Team members can routinely appreciate and leverage mutual skills and experience given a common communication reference.
A quick aside: Dave did not like this circular view when offered as a visual for something he was working on for his business. But I liked it and found a use for it with blog #3. No visual is ever wasted – just waiting its turn.

OPS Step Three

Take some time now and review the four Steps approach and timeline – particularly Step four’s opportunity below.

OPS Step Four

Here’s the “skinny” for my web site offer to OPS prospects:

  1. Major movie buff and author and publisher expertise (see blog #4)
  2. Linear text and non-linear visual web page design flexibility
  3. Unique “visual processor” and Word processor resources
  4. Kindle Fire tablet availability to “demo” your Case Study idea
  5. Checkout Case Study Page – Seven Step process – contact me
  6. Question: How would you leverage my OPS offer?
  7. Oh – don’t forget to ask me about the hourglass…


A final thought: Our Case Study #5 prospect meeting in late December will be built around the Kindle Fire tablet “demo.” The Kindle prompted the opportunity to meet initially.

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