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This blog is dedicated to Merrit Cameron Helm – S1C  – USN – USS Arizona/USS Minnesota (died Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941).

This OPS social media web site is being developed from the heart of a major movie buff and the head of a social media author and publisher. Why should you care?

Blogs will clarify OPS web site text benefits – especially for you majority of linear thinkers. Blog #3 will demonstrate web site visuals benefits – especially for you minority of non-linear thinkers.

A brief “role” that each OPS web page plays:

  • The Banner visual suggests the feeling of planning and control – that hand could be yours
  • The Tagline raises a question: “What does THAT mean!?!” – Case Study page will answer
  • Home/FAQ recaps a core premise – linear and non-linear communications challenges
  • About questions pre-conceived notions regardless of social media “answers”
  • Case Study hosts social media “visuals” – the focus of the next blog – it’s that important
  • Blog documents the on-going evolution of my OPS “voice” – both in text and in visuals
  • SmartDraw visuals introduce the benefit of a Visual processor versus a Word processor
  • Kindle Fire tablet offers leverage for the potential of expanding your business “story”

My LinkedIn Profile speaks to the power of a Team’s Es·prit de Corps – hence the Home/FAQ focus on teamwork. 

Tension in any well written movie requires a protagonist and an antagonist. Linear and non-linear thinkers often assume one “role” or the other. A movie story’s success is often a challenge that gets resolved jointly.

If those “roles” describe a mix of your Staff and clients, visuals may offer everyone some welcome clarity.

A question asked of a current Case Study #5 prospect: “Would you be interested in using the OPS web site and the Kindle Fire to explore text, visuals and tablet ideas you’ve been thinking about?”

I would too…so I’ll be meeting with the prospect at their request later this month.

In honor of the 70th Anniversary of Pearl of Harbor: “The Fighting Sullivan Brothers”

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