On Problem Solving “Voice” 2011 Blog #1


I dedicate this first blog to Anne Bancroft:

Her riveting portrayal of Helen Keller’s teacher Annie Sullivan in “The Miracle Worker” was the catalyst for my life long passion “…to give voice.” That’s a long time to stay focused on one commitment.

Why should you care? Because this social media text and business visuals web site is committed to:

“Giving Voice to One Business At A Time…Visually.” That could include your business.

The OPS Banner was designed for linear thinkers given their critical need for details and planning.

The Home (FAQ) Page and visuals offer insight to potential Team communication challenges.

The About Page introduces Dave Barnhart’s critical social media question.

The Case Study page hosts real world text and visuals uses – click on images to enlarge and return.

  • Case Study #1 2011 painful catalyst for creation of my
  • Case Study #2 Clarify reality of OPS text and visuals approach via Team member feedback
  • Case Study #3 Email content conversion to text and visuals with artist feedback
  • Case Study #4 2011 OPS blogs via text and visuals and descending “narrative” sequence
  • Case Study #5 2012 prospects for Case Study situation – problem – solution opportunity

The Case Study Seven Steps outline and two visuals support linear and non-linear thinker needs.

I am a major movie buff and have a new Kindle Fire – an early Holiday gift – that will broaden my OPS social media impact. With movies at your fingertips(!) – web access in a heartbeat – “demos” at a minimal device investment for broad use in any environment – what’s not to like?

My Achilles heel: I like to talk in movie dialog occasionally to make a point. Many linear and non-linear thinkers face a consistent communications challenge. This OPS web site plans to exploit that challenge-as-an-opportunity with you. What could you look at first…?

Annie Sullivan: [after a breakthrough with Helen Keller] “Now all I have to teach you is one word – everything.”

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